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Work clothes need to pay attention to matters and quality control

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With the development of the market economy is mature, the company to shape the corporate team and staff image, enhance personal taste and grade, improve corporate cohesion, establish a corporate image and create a unique corporate culture, we talk about work clothes need to pay attention to the following issues. (1) raw materials: the use of high-quality fabric can improve your 20% of the work efficiency. Comfortable fabric wears comfort in the body that affects one's day's behavior and the impression of others. Our focus on product quality, so for the work clothes to do the style, fabric, accessories and some other supplies are become a gateway. (2) acceptance criteria: the final confirmation of your company's fabric texture, color and style shall prevail after proofing in the production of large goods. (3) production specifications: I Division for the amount of your body size specifications shall prevail. Second, the work clothes to do quality standards: (1) the quality of work clothes to ensure the appearance of quality, sewing quality, size specifications. (2) work clothes custom identification: including trademarks, factory name, the implementation of standards, product quality, specifications, washing instructions and logo. (3) work clothes made to use: uniforms to wear comfortable and decent, and to ensure that no damage to the physical health of people wearing. Please call the consultation or come to visit negotiate!

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